What is Ultimate Surrender? Ultimate Surrender is BDSM competitive female sexual wrestling at its best. Hot nude girls with nice tits on UltimateSurrender.com wrestle hard. Bondage sex on Ultimate Surrender with naked girls wrestling is competitive and hot. Seasons of wrestling are unscripted and exciting. The rules are set. There are three tags per team per round and three 12 minute non-scripted wrestling rounds. The last round consists of the female winners tying up, dominating, humiliating, and brutally fucking the losers. Ultimate Surrender wrestling girls love that this is hardcore bondage, real wrestling, nude wrestling, and also sexual wrestling. Some tag teams participate in wrestling. Some wrestlers are powerful, big, small, MILFs, new to wrestling, various fighting weights, and others are experienced wrestlers. One wrestling girl gets fucked and humiliated while the other does the fucking and dominating.

Ultimate Surrender. The wrestling reality show that features real unscripted competitive nude female wrestling with hardcore kinky BDSM fucking and humiliation. Hot lesbian girls in catfighting scenes where strapon sex, strapon anal and humiliation await the loser.

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The loser is often humiliated by being forced to lick the winner's pussy until she orgasms. Some wrestlers bring a vibrator to use on the loser to make them cum. Some girls who dominate get their fingers in their competitor's pussy and keep them there. Other wrestlers just want to keep a newcomer in submission hold after submission hold and have their way with them on the mat. Ultimate Surrender girls can love you and hurt you at the same time. Girls abuse and dominate each other and enjoy it. They either beat down their competitor or get forced to submit. Champions often return during other seasons for more combat and the chance to force submissions, finger fucking, and screaming orgasms. All ladies wrestling want the chance to go for the Championship. Female wrestling holds on UltimateSurrender.com include severe leg scissors, head scissors, boston crab, back breaker, full nelson, grapevine and more.
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